About Vizag

Visakhapatnam is also famous for its doctors and state of the art hospitals. Private hospitals, health centers and clinics provide best medical facilities to the people in Visakhapatnam. Hospitals in Visakhapatnam are well equipped with state of the art technologies, new age modern medical equipments.

Vizag is a hub of doctors. Vizag doctors have specialized in various fields like gynecology, paediatrics, opthalmology, oncology, neurology and cardiology. They are available for consultation in some of the top hospitals in Visakhapatnam. Apollo Hospitals in Vizag is a specialized heart and kidney center.

Nikitha hospitals is one of country's premier laparoscopy and multi specialty hospital. The L.V Prasad eye hospitals in Vizag is known for its efficient doctors. These hospitals also assure best Emergency Health Care Services.

The numerous medical stores in Vishakapatnam are well stocked with all kinds of medicine and life saving drugs. Major hospitals have medical stores. Some of the medical stores are open day and night for 24 hours.

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