Modes Of Registering Grievances By The CitizensIVRS

Dial ur Commisioner

Grievance Cell

Web Registration


Direct Telephonic Calls

When a Caller dials Toll Free Number ( 1800-4250-0009 ) of GVMC Automatically IVR System Welcomes the Caller and asks to choose an option of language.

Caller has to choose a language , dial 1 for Telugu, 2 for English and 3 for Hindi.

After Selecting the Language option by dialing 1 or 2 , the caller has to choose

1  For Complaints   , 2 for water taker,  3 to know there taxes and 4 for General Information.


If the caller dials 1  ( Complaints)

       Citizen can record complaint, name, address and telephone number after the beep.

       After the complaint is recorded a complaint number will be given to the caller.

       The complaint is transcripted by the call-centre operator. An SMS will be automatically sent to the concerned official giving all details.

       At the same time a SMS will be sent to the complainant giving details like complaint number, name, telephone number of the concerned authority, etc.

       Once the complaint is redressed and updated a SMS will be automatically sent to the complainant for confirmation.


If the caller dials 2  ( Water Tanker)

       . The  call will be transferred to the Call – Centre operator who will take the details  and enter the same in application that generates a code  and informs to filling station.


If the caller dials 3  ( Taxes)

       . The  call will be transferred to the call- centre operator who will give the necessary information


If the caller dials 4 

.General information like pre-requisites for getting new water connection, Title transfer, Birth certificate, Death certificate Etc., will be replayed

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