29 th July,2015

Online Property Tax Payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation online Payment Service?
Ans. Online Payment Service is a simple and convenient way provided by Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation(GVMC) to the citizens to pay their Property Taxes. It allows and enables the citizen to make payment online through GVMC's website instantly with multiple options like credit card , debit card and NetBanking.
2. Who can make online payment and what is required for it?
Ans. Online payment can be made by any citizen having valid assessment number of the property for which s/he wants to make payment. The payer needs to have either a Master/VISA Credit Card or a Master/VISA Debit Card or Net banking credentials.
3. How do I make payment using Master/VISA Credit or Debit Card?
Ans. First ensure that your card has been enabled by VBV (verified by VISA) OR VBM (verified by MASTER) if yes then use your PIN number issued by your bank for making online payment. To obtain PIN number you need to call your bank, who will furnish it to you by E-Mail or SMS.
5. When is my transaction considered as successful?
Ans. When the amount is debited from your bank and the transaction page successfully returns back to GVMC portal, it will be considered a Successful Transaction.
6. When is my transaction considered as failed?
Ans. When you do not complete the payment procedure due to some or the other reason or the transaction information does not reach GVMC after the payment, the transaction is considered as failed.
7. My account is debited but Property Tax receipt is not generated?
Ans. If the status is shown as pending, the transaction amount will be reflected to your tax after few hours.
8. While the transaction was happening if any of the following conditions arise like the power failed or session timed out or internet got disconnected, or for any other reason a message appeared that the transaction has failed. However, my bank account has been debited.  Will this be considered a successful transaction? How do I verify transactions status?
Ans. In such cases, you can first check the transactions status by visiting Check Status Page.If the payment information has reached successfully to GVMC, the status will be shown as success and you can print the receipt from the same page. .  For successful transactions an email along with receipt is also sent to the email address provided while making the payment. If the payment information has not reached successfully to GVMC, the status will be shown as Pending and the debited amount will be reflected as your dues after few hours.
9. Can I make multiple payments for different assessment numbers?
Ans. Yes, but payment is allowed for only one assessment number at a time. You can continue to pay once the status is shown as "success" in "check status page". You need to initiate another transaction for making payment for another assessment.
10. I made a payment for my property and receipt was generated. But on the same day when I enter my assessment number to check the outstanding amount, it still shows the same outstanding amount. Why?
Ans. Payments made through online payment facility will take few hours to get reflected on the website, so please check status accordingly.
11. Can I reprint my transaction receipt?
Ans. Yes, you can reprint your transaction receipt from the Paid Dues Page
12. Can I make part payment?
Ans. Part payment is not allowed.
13. Is it safe to make online payment through GVMC'S Website?
Ans. Absolutely. The security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information is of paramount importance to us. GVMC on their servers does not store any of your financial information. The information travelling over the network is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption technology along with extended validation.
14. I want to make advance payment, will I get the benefit of rebate?
Ans. No.
15. I am a Senior Citizen and want to make payment, will I get the Senior Citizen discount?
Ans. No.
16. Do I have to pay any service fee/charge to use this ePay Service?
Ans. Yes. Transaction fees for various modes of payment are as follows: * Below Rs.10,000/- :Rs.15/- + 14% on Rs.15/- (Transaction fee + service tax) * Above Rs.10,000/- :Rs.30/- + 14% on Rs.30/- (Transaction fee + service tax)
17. I have queries regarding the transaction I had carried out, whom should I contact?
Ans. You can send your query by email to itadmn.gvmc@gov.in. In that you need to mention your Assessment No., Transaction ID, Reference No. and Transaction Date for tracking purpose.
18. I had made few successful transactions, but when I try to make another transaction using the same Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking facility, the transaction fails. Why?
Ans. Some of the banks and Credit/Debit Card companies put cap on the no. of transactions (normally three transactions) one can make for a single entity in a single day. Due to this restriction, the subsequent transaction effort fails. However, you can make payment the next day or on the same day using the different Credit/Debit Card.
19. The property related information displayed on the website is having typographic error or is incorrect, whom should I contact?
Ans. The property related information is based on the Assessment & Recovery data made available through respective Zone's Assessment & Recovery Department. In case of correction, you may contact Assessment & Recovery Department of the respective zone office.